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Cafe Kuya


Owners of Cafe Kuya



An early 2021 pandemic project with friends bravely starting a coffee shop in Montreal during one of the many lockdowns. Lots of zoom meetings and then after a few months finally seeing the designs in person at their thriving cafe!

CafeKuya-Final_Feedback 3.png
CafeKuya-Final_Feedback 3.png

Design Process

Both owners of the cafe are Filipino and wanted to honour their heritage both in the name and brand of their cafe. They found a font made by a Filipino designer called Bantayog. Additionally they had the idea to pull one of the colours from the Filipino flag. Below are the initial options that were sent to the clients.


After making their selections, the clients asked for more versions of the circular logo to choose from.


The clients then requested to see the final two logo marks in different shades of blue, deciding on the light neon.

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